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Course Information
Defensive Driving / Driver Improvement

This course identifies driving hazards while exploring defensive driving techniques to combat these hazards.  Throughout the course, various driving scenarios are discussed to ensure that course participants understand the pro-active measures they must take while operating a motor vehicle.


Off-Highway Driving Skills

This course incorporates the concepts of a defensive driving program while reinforcing the hazards and pro-active driver behaviour required while traveling on non-paved roads.  Special attention is given to adverse road conditions, hills and curves, sharing the road with large vehicles, and the safe use of auxiliary equipment.


Collision Avoidance

This course provides the driver with techniques to assist them in avoiding collision through hands-on training, specifically; scanning patterns, steering, and braking techniques.  Collision avoidance maneuvers simulate actual hazards which a driver may encounter on a daily basis.  Through practice in a controlled environment, course participants learn to anticipate and overcome hazards that may arise.

In-Vehicle Evaluations with Coaching

Through one-on-one positive coaching methods, this session helps participants develop personal improvement strategies relating to their driving habits and skills. Participants receive feedback and positive reinforcement on their driving habits.  Written evaluations are provided to the company that detail each participant's performance.


Winter Driving Skills

This course was developed to meet the needs of office personnel who are occasionally required to travel to remote areas in the course of their duties.  This hands-on program allows the participants to develop their driving skills and learn about vehicle capabilities while using 4 x 4 vehicles, SUV's, and pick-up trucks.


Trailer Towing

This course provides skill development and enhancement for people who tow trailers as part of their employment duties. The course involves a classroom session, pre-trip inspection, safe operation procedures, and legal requirements. Practical hands-on exercises help reinforce the participant's knowledge and operational skills.

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